01 Validity Lifetime Membership

There is no business mechanism which can identify due to Covid-19 whether your supplier business is still in operations.

Under Business American Ratings Inc® Covid-19 Scheme you can instruct all supplier to register for Business A-I-R-S Number™.

Based on verification by our team Business A-I-R-S Number™ will be assigned with business status.

Get Business American Ratings Inc® Supplier Web API integrated with your core ERP Systems.

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Bulk Supplier Verification
  1. Verify all your suppliers online through your ERP / CRM
  2. Know the updated supplier address & contact details
  3. Give Business Contracts to Active Suppliers
  4. Know status of any fraud/black listed suppliers
  5. Use Business AIRS Number OTP details in your online vendor registration form

Register For Bulk Supplier Verification
$ 399 Engagement Fees For Bulk Supplier Verification

What is Engagment Fees ?

American Ratings Inc® will charge your suppliers for Business A-I-R-S Number™.

Engagment fees is just to allot American Ratings Inc® Account Manager to your company.

Over 2,000 companies has done Covid-19 Bulk Supplier Verification.